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Таможенные перевозки.
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Specialized pharma carrier. Cold chain.

Specialized pharma carrier. Cold chain.

Our experience in pharmaceutical transportation (including cold chain management) got over 15 years, supporting leading global pharma manufacturers operating in Russia – in partnership with ZAO “ITEMS WAREHOUSE”

Some key points of our services:

  • delivering only drugs, vaccines, insulin, food additives, and other pharma goods requiring temperature control during transportation;
    Even though temperature controlled transportation is demanded by several industries (food industry, for example), pharma goods are incompatible with other products due to a number of objective reasons.

  • we have our own trucks equipped with all-season temperature control systems (partly presented on the photos);
    This is important at least for 3 reasons. First, in respect to our responsibility for the Goods. Second, this mitigates dependence on the availability of subcontracted transport. Third, this makes it feasible to comply with quality standards, including regular training of the drivers.

  • validation is performed in critical environment (e.g. outside temperature & distance);
    Equipment/process validation is crucial for companies following GxP standards when choosing a provider of services that may have an impact on the quality of their Goods.


Cold chain
One of our validated trucks, 12 pallet capacity. All-season temperature control system supplied by Thermo King. 2 Touchprint loggers are installed to provide temperature print-outs at destination warehouse


  • self-powered truck refrigerators supplied by Thermo King and Carrier;
    We choose world best suppliers of all-season temperature control systems for trucks. For risk decreasing we use only self-powered truck refrigerators for intercity and/or overnight routes.

  • temperature print-outs are available for the recipient at destination right away;
    The temperature print-outs are available at destination warehouse. So temperature during transportation could be confirmed when unloading and the Goods could be put into sales stock as soon as possible.

  • back-up system to maintain temper-ature logs implemented
    Understanding critical importance of maintaining temperature logs, we’ve implemented a back-up system that registrates temperature during every delivery as well – just in case. Data of the back-up system is sent via e-mail on the next day after unloading, as a graph.
    This graph could be sent anyway, as a standard procedure for your temperature controlled deliveries, as this data is more visually-convenient.


In partnership with ZAO “ITEMS WAREHOUSE” we offer logistic solutions for cold chain, some of them are highlighted below:

  • pick-up at any Moscow airport;
  • bonded transportation (from/to air-port);
  • storage at Temporary Bonded Warehouse/ Bonded Warehouse/ Pharmaceutical Warehouse at own facilities in Moscow – cold cham-bers are validated and temperature controlled 24/7 (one of them is presented on the photo);
  • shipment of the Goods within Russia;
  • shipment of the Goods abroad.



Cold chain
Validated cold chamber, 180 pallet capacity. Temperature monitoring system (equipped with 5 Sensatronics probes) provides every minute tem-perature control. Alarm system provides sms- and e-mail notifications in case of critical events. 24/7 on duty operator telephone-call back-up to make sure key personnel will be notified no matter what circumstances.


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Specialized pharma carrier. Cold chain.